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‘Tremors’ series may be stuck in the dirt

Oh, Tremors, how we love thee. Honestly, how a film with such an insanely ludicrous concept became one of the most beloved cult films of all time is really amazing. Giant, subterranean worms with snakes for tongues, listen to the footsteps of a small Nevada town, and proceed to come up from below and eat them all alive. And only Kevin Bacon can save them. It’s like poetry. The 90s were a great time for weird.

Of course, we also ended up with five increasingly terrible sequels, but that is the curse of any decent monster movie. But, we still held out hope that maybe, just maybe, our hero would return, and a good sequel would emerge.

The other day, a trailer for a proposed follow up series made its way online and has quickly gone viral. Kevin Bacon’s Valentine is back, and honestly, it looks pretty awesome. This new Tremors would find Valentine still living in Perfection, Nevada, when Graboids return for the first time (perhaps negating the film’s other sequels). Of course, Valentine looks like a paranoid wreck to the other townsfolk, until they start getting sucked underground en masse.

The series was originally set for Amazon Prime Video, but was soon moved over to Syfy. Unfortunately, we found out in April that SyFy has decided to pass on the series. So it’s supposedly dead in the water. Now, it is apparently being shopped around to other networks, so there is hope. But only time will tell.

What do you think? Does the world need more Graboids? Does a Tremors series sound like it will fill the sinkhole in our hearts? Would we find out why Valentine and Rhonda aren’t together anymore? Is it because she went for her goddamned PhD, and he didn’t? We may never know. . .


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