Back to school movies

This Chicks Top 5 Back to School Movies

In the low chance you noticed my sudden and unexpected absence from This Guy Writes, This Chick made the decision to go back to school, in my mid. . . erm, late twenties. Seems fitting at this transitional time in my life to write a classic Top 5 Best Back to School Movies. #alltooreal.

5. Mean Girls – Don’t mess with teenage girls

Back to school movies

A film that justified our fear of teenage girls and somehow managed to become a cult classic by starring Linsday Lohan before she went nuts. Who knew? Never before has a comparison to the animal kingdom fit more precisely. The wild lions, the mean girls; the loser home-schooled girl, their lamb prey. In a literal underdog kicking ass and taking the crown story, enter into the crazy world of teenage high school royalty, Mean Girls.

4. The Breakfast Club – Weekend prison

Back to school movies

What could ever go wrong when you put five angsty, rule breaking teens in one library? Well in my opinion, only awesome things. Principle Vernon, you should have known better. You can’t cage greatness. The athlete, the brain, the princess, the basket case, and the criminal, detained on a beautiful Illinois Saturday. They make their own memories and rebel in their own ways against the institution that’s kept them from truly discovering each other.

3. Election – Battle royal for Student Body President

Back to school movies

Just a good old friendly race for student body president. . . or so everyone assumed. A truly terrifying Tracy (Reese Witherspoon) shows us just how early the dark sword of dirty politics stabs. Scheming, taunting, underage sexual harassment. Come on, it’s all totally worth it for that sweet sweet high school title right? Because every employer cares about. . . wait is that Tracy with the Republican nominee?

2. Fast Time at Ridgemont High – Hey bud, lets party!

Back to school movies

Spicoli just can’t care enough about school. I mean come on, maauun, be cool; its senior year. This coming of age film’s entire plot is getting high, catching the girl and trying to make it to the end of the year. Oh, and it stars a young and very handsome Sean Penn, long long before I Am Sam. Need I say more? Oh right, then there’s the red bikini. . .

1. Dazed and Confused – All that nostalgia

Back to school movies

All right, all right, all right. Gotta love this classic. Dazed boasts an awesome young cast (including a fresh faced McConaughey), some pretty sick music and a story line featuring underage drinking, drugs, and teenage lust. Of course this summer break story of the love for your bros makes This Chicks list. I get older, and it stays the same age.

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