This Guy’s Watching ‘The Long Kiss Goodnight’

Sometimes you just gotta go back to the well. Christmas movies are a dime a dozen with all the crap on Netflix nowadays. Yes, we all pretend to love It’s a Wonderful Life every year, and the edgy bro inside us makes grand speeches to our bored friends about how Die Hard is actually the ultimate Christmas flick. The point is, it’s Christmas; find something you like and run it into the ground like everything else we do regarding this holiday. Joy to the world! For this Guy, that sometimes means running through Shane Black’s entire filmography of Christmas action movies.

So, 5 days ’til Christmas, and tonight This Guy’s Watching. . .

The Long Kiss Goodnight

The Long Kiss Goodnight

Shane Black became the first Hollywood writer to sell a script for $4 million with The Long Kiss Goodnight. So you can imagine how impressive it was at the time. Apparently it led to some industry jealousy, and accusations of selling out for profit. This led to Black leaving the industry for almost a decade. It’s incredibly unfortunate, as he was at the top of his game and was already racking up a legendary filmography. But, even if it wasn’t a hit at the theaters, this was a hell of a project to be remembered by.

The Long Kiss Goodnight finds Samantha Caine (Geena Davis), a mild-mannered teacher and mother, who’s been living with amnesia for the past 8 years. Fragmented memories begin resurfacing when Sam’s home is attacked by a crazed killer with a grudge. Teaming up with private detective Mitch (Samuel l Jackson), Sam soon discovers her previous life as a government agent and assassin. The pair must then piece together what happened in her past as old enemies reappear to silence them both.

“You’re going to die screaming, and I’m gonna watch. Am I telling the truth?”

It’s your standard Shane Black fare: fun story, snappy memorable dialogue, an odd coupling with all the “buddy” trappings. While maybe not as classic as Lethal Weapon, or The Last Boy Scout, this Christmas action flick brings fun, surprises, and sudden violence to the holiday season, like all classic winter tales should.

Tonight, This Guy’s watching The Long Kiss Goodnight, and you should too!

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The Long Kiss Goodnight

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