Disney World Magic Kingdom

Disney World: Magic Kingdom – does the shoe fit?

Exploring the world of Disney is a perfect way to spend part of my Florida trip, and as a first timer I had no idea what I was in for. I have been to all the major amusement parks in my area of Canada as well as Six Flags and Universal Studios in the US. But when you think of Disney World, we all have expectations. You see community, nostalgia, and loads of magic. But, when I walked through the Magic Kingdom, that spark just wasn’t there.

Let’s talk facts; there are an average of 50,000 people who visit the Magic Kingdom every DAY and there are a grand total of 41 “attractions” within. Most of those, by the way, are restaurants and shops. Now before everyone stops reading and says I should’ve known there would be long lines, yes I was; however, waiting 2+ hours for any decent ride is a bit excessive, particularly in the Summer Florida heat. So my ruling on the rides? Add more, because while Disney is known for its stellar scenery and characters, views don’t entertain people forever.

The views, yes, they are beautiful. The entire park looks spectacular.  When I saw Cinderella’s castle, I squealed with delight, literally. The architecture is beautiful. It’s only too bad you can’t explore the castle or any of the surrounding structures. That would be every little girl’s dream! That initial energy upon entry was just what I was looking for. Once you walk past the castle, you have five main areas: Main Street USA, Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland.

Disney World Magic Kingdom

Each area has its own theme and unique architecture that go with it. Adventureland is part jungle, part tropical island, part desert. It’s a place filled with exploration and excitement, and boasts the classic Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Frontierland is exactly as it sounds, an old-timey western town with exciting rides such as Splash Mountain! Fantasyland is a fairy-tale land, where the young and old can relive their Disney memories. The biggest draw? The Little Mermaid Journey Under The Sea, or taking a stroll through Peter Pan’s life. Lastly its Tomorrowland, the land of innovation. Filled with metal and tech, this part of the park focuses on the gadget loving films and characters, such as Buzz Lightyear, or The Incredibles, where you can ride to infinity and beyond, on Space Mountain.

My biggest issue? The magic just wasn’t there for me. Maybe I expected too much, but when I think of Disney I think of the magical smiles from the commercials, the characters, the beautiful and dynamic world of Disney! I didn’t actually see a single character walking the park. There was a short dance parade at the end of the day as we were leaving, and that was the only time any character appeared in the park. After seeing Magic Kingdom I re-evaluated my expectations, and I now see the park for what it is: a fun time with beautiful architecture, and a great place for families. Worth a visit for This Chick, but personally, it just doesn’t live up to they hype.

The next stop of my Disney Adventure? Animal Kingdom. Stay tuned for that review soon!

Disney World Magic Kingdom

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