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This Chick: ‘I Feel Pretty’ – Pretty damn pointless

Amy Schumer entered the comedy world with a bang, but has since slowed her roll just a bit. Perhaps she hasn’t turned out to be as universally appealing as originally thought. Or maybe in the current climate, comedy just shifts a little too quickly for new stars to really take hold if they’re not willing to change with the flow. Regardless, Schumer still enjoys a comfortable place in Hollywood, taking the lead in various starring vehicles. The latest of which, I Feel Pretty, attempting to cash in on an age-old message that really shouldn’t need teaching anymore.

Schumer stars as Renee Bennett, a woman who falls from an exercise bike, and awakens to a whole new world, one where she’s the most beautiful woman in the world. To herself, at least. Empowered with new confidence in her outer beauty, Renee embarks on her a personal journey and shoots for the stars. She applies for her dream job, asks out the cute guy at the dry cleaners, but most importantly, starts to pick up some of the more unfortunate traits of the beautiful woman she believes herself to be.

“I can eat whatever I want and still look like this.”

As expected, this new found confidence eventually bites Renee in the ass, creating issues with both her friends and her new beau. And as with many films following this narrative, Renee eventually realizes her mistakes after some soul searching. And realizes that her inner beauty outshines outer beauty ten-to-one. Yada yada yada, you’ve seen this before.

I Feel Pretty

Ultimately, I Feel Pretty lacks the ability to sell its story and deliver on what should have been a great set up. The script itself is nothing new or exciting, with similar movies along the same lines coming out regularly. Jack Black’s Shallow Hal comes to mind immediately. The comedy is a bit stale, focusing on one liners that don’t land, rather than jokes and gags more suitable to Shumer’s wheelhouse. And the end still manages to come off as a bit rushed and unpolished, leaving you feeling quite underwhelmed.

Despite a nice, feel-good message, the film suffers from a lack of innovation, and jokes that are satisfied with the low-hanging fruit. It’s all just so uninspired, even the message suffers. Honestly, “love yourself.” Aren’t we supposed to have that figured out already? Does Amy Schumer of all people really need to be giving us that refresher in 2018?

This Chick Scores It: 4/10

I Feel Pretty

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