The Factory London

The Factory London – a local place to play hard!

With adventure on our minds and a free afternoon, This Chick and This Guy began our bouncy journey into London, Ontario’s newest attraction, The Factory. Not to brag but it also happens to be the largest indoor adventure park in Canada. So let’s flip and somersault into this adventure together!

Lets start with the “look”. The Factory is set up in the old Kellogg’s factory, hence the name, and it really plays on this theme in all areas. Walking in, guests are greeted to exposed brick, piping and concrete walls. Inside the main park area, The Factory maintained the old aesthetic with old windows, doors, and stairs. This theme continues into The Canteen, The Arcade, and even the bathrooms. The entire atmosphere is one of fun and has really cool young vibe for such an industrial setting.

The Factory London

So far there are a couple main areas, and still a ton of room to grow. The majority of the indoor park is used for the trampoline park, where guests can bounce all day, with an impressive 20K square feet of jumping space available. Leave your shoes in the lobby; they provide you these sweet rubber-soled socks. There’s tons of fun to be had with Slam Ball, where you can impress your friends with your dunking ability. There’s a crash pad, and dodgeball to relive your grade school days. And of course the Meltdown Challenge, where your timing and jumping skills are put to the test. And of course there are areas for the daredevils, where you can test your bravery and jump from a variety of heights to trampolines below. My favourite in the trampoline area? The Meltdown Challenge, where I can say I kicked some serious butt, and even showed up This Guy.

High above the trampolines are the High Ropes, where you can test your fear of heights and glide high above the rest of the park, with 88 obstacles to overcome, and 145 ft of ziplines to ride, all while high in the sky. And if you think it’s no big deal, there are also two free fall jumps in this daredevil experience. On the ground level there is also the Ninja Warrior Course where you can test your strength and agility on 38 stationary obstacles and 3 moving obstacles. Just to make it even more fun, before you can begin this challenge you must be able to run up a moving treadmill and jump to a crashpad 15 feet below you. Last awesome thing to do in this area? An American Gladiators style jousting pit where you can beat up your fellow Factory goers.

The Factory London

In the less daring areas you have a pretty average arcade, where you can partake in a variety of standard shooters, racers and skill games. On a more exciting note though, The Factory has a ton of Virtual Reality Games where you can experience a slew of different environments and stories. Lastly, The Factory has a two escape rooms, and a bunch more planned!

Overall, The Factory impressed this writing duo and is definitely worth the trip. My advice? Plan an entire day, because with The Factory you don’t want to skip a thing!

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