This Chick’s Top 5 Disney Films

The idea of a “Disney Classic” has become a bit muddied lately. With its purchase of Star Wars, Marvel, and now almost certainly FOX’s Properties, what constitutes a Disney film will be all but gone. In its prime, Disney created a world of wonder and magic which filled our younger selves with excitement and joy. While our love for Disney tales will continue on forever, most have moved on to darker and more realistic films. A move made a little too easily for my peace of mind. it seems fitting at the time of the season’s changing and the moods of everyone lifting, to re-watch some my favourite Disney Films about love, friendship and overcoming the odds.


5. Aladdin (1992)

Disney's Aladdin

A classic love story featuring a down and out street rat who goes from rags to riches with the rub of a lamp! Aladdin meets Princess Jasmine as she’s running away from her palace, unaware of her royalty, Aladdin and Jasmine become friends, before eventually becoming lovers. Add in Aladdin’s little monkey buddy, Abu and this is a happy little family. . .  for a while.

Soon after meeting Jasmine, Aladdin is captured by Jafar, a power hungry royal adviser, and thrown in prison. Push comes to shove and Aladdin is let out, but on the condition he find the magic lamp for Jafar. Aladdin finds the lamp, along with a new flying carpet, and unleashes the Genie. As you can imagine things start to get a little bit out of hand, but by the end Aladdin and Jasmine are together at last, with a few more magical friends than before. It’s a terrific story about accepting who you are, and is definitely one of Disney’s best.

4. Toy Story (1995)

Disney and Pixar's Toy Story

In a world where toys are conscious and alive, we get Disney and Pixar’s first feature-length computer-animated film, Toy Story. In this Disney Classic, Andy, a six-year-old boy has a variety of toys he loves and he can’t wait to get even more when his birthday comes around! Unbeknownst to Andy, his toys are preparing for the worst possible event, replacement. Sheriff Woody leads Andy’s toys as they prepare for their doom. Thankfully, Andy has no plans to replace anyone, but there is a new arrival: Buzz Lightyear.

The newest and greatest of action figures, Andy soon forgets about his old number one Woody and now only plays with Buzz. A pint-sized revelry breaks out between Buzz and Woody and it only gets worse when Woody accidentally pushes Buzz out the window in an attempt to be Andy’spick to take to Pizza Planet! You throw in a few bumps and breaks, some life and death situations, and a claw machine that leads to Hell, and you have an instant classic. But watch out for the dog down the hall. . .

3. The Lion King (1994)

Disney's the Lion King

NAAAAAAAAAA Sa-VEN-yAAAAAAA BABABEETS-YBABA! Nailed it. A new son is born! In the heart of Africa, King Mufasa rules over the animal kingdom from Pride Rock. One joyous day his son Simba is born and Mufasa is a proud papa. Watch as Mufasa teaches Simba the important lessons about the circle of life and what it means to rule. In stark contrast, Scar, Mufasa’s younger brother, is filled with jealousy and a lust for power. Obviously he plots to kill his brother and young nephew, best way to do it? Convince young Simba to explore the dangerous and forbidden Elephant Graveyard, where Scar’s hyenas are waiting to attack.

What follows is tragic, heart-breaking, uplifting, inspiring, and occasionally hilarious. As we watch Simba grow into the King he was meant to be. The Lion King is a true Disney classic, and probably has the best soundtrack in the company’s history.

2. Mulan (1998)

Disney's Mulan

It’s a time of war and suffering in China. The ruthless Shan Yu has invaded and the emperor has ordered one man from each family to go to war. Mulan, unwilling to see her elderly father go back to battle, disguises herself as a man and heads to the front in his place. Her family, quickly realizing what’s happened, sends Mushu, a small dragon to go awaken “The Great Stone Dragon” to protect her. However in true Disney style, he destroys the spirit urn in the process and decides to protect Mulan himself!

With the help of her buddy Mushu, Mulan slowly becomes a trained warrior, ready for battle. It’s a wonderful story of rising above your station, and not judging others with preconceived notions. plus Eddie Murphy is the little Chinese dragon, so it’s got that going for it too.

1. The Little Mermaid (1989)

Disney's The Little Mermaid

Teenage love, in a sea of hormones. Princess Ariel is in love with the human world. Not yet ready for the responsibility of her birthright, the throne of the kingdom of Atlantica, Ariel looks up to the world beyond the water, and frequently swims to the surface. One day everything changes. Ariel sees Prince Eric celebrating his birthday on a ship and falls madly in love. Willing to do anything to be with Eric, Ariel makes a deal with Ursula, an evil sea creature who wants to take Ariel’s voice.

this one is a bit of a nostalgia trip for This Chick. The Little Mermaid has been my favourite Disney flick my whole life. It’s a beautiful love story, with fun songs, and a great, scary villain. Truly Disney at its best!




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