Toronto’s Best Boat Tour – The Kajama

Of course we would all love to go for exotic vacations every week; however, we’re not all named Rockefeller, or part of the McMahon empire. So alas, we must settle for day trips within driving distances. On this lovely day This Chick and This Guy took a drive, and departed on our awesome and super affordable (score!) boat tour in Toronto, The Kajama.

Listed as one of the best attractions to do in Toronto, I had some pretty high expectations, and were they ever exceeded! Sailing out of Toronto’s Harbourfront pier on this traditional 165ft, three-masted schooner was pretty epic already. And while this is a tourist attraction, it is not a tourist trap. The Kajama is a legitimate boat with a real history. Launched from Germany in 1930, it was originally used as a cargo vessel. It was eventually sold off in 1960 to a Dutch owner. Eventually, it ran aground in 1998 when the Captain suffered a fatal heart attack at the helm. Purchased in 1999 by Tallship Cruises Toronto, she was refurbished and made into the tour boat used today.


The tour itself is 1.5 hours long. The Kajama sails around the famous Toronto Island and offers stellar views of the Toronto lake shore, the island itself, and the forested areas of Toronto’s outskirts. During the cruise tourists have the option to help hoist the sails and walk around the boat viewing the design and detail. A big bonus? This boat is fully licensed, with a chef and bartender onboard. It even seems that the staff actually want to be there, offering advice on sailing, the history of the vessel, and Toronto itself. And come on, don’t we all deep down want to be Captain Jack Sparrow?

This hidden gem is pretty amazing and an experience we will never forget. My vote, make the trip and set sail as soon as you can!


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