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This article contains spoilers for both Unbreakable and Split.

Here we are. 19 years in the making, three films that put forth a simple question: What if superheroes were real? We are on the cusp of an entirely original cinematic universe. Not Marvel, not DC, not– ugh, Universal’s “Dark Universe.” This is M Night Shyamalan’s superhero trilogy. And it will be rounded out with Glass. We already knew a few details about the film, but at SDCC yesterday, they dropped the first official trailer for the new film, and it looks AWESOME! Think about that, it’s 2018 and we’re hyped for a Shyamalan flick. best comeback in Hollywood history? Maybe. Only time will tell. It sure doesn’t erase The Last Airbender.

For the uninitiated, the trilogy begins with Shyamalan’s 2000 film, Unbreakable. Still hot off the huge success of The Sixth Sense, the film follows David Dunn (Bruce Willis), the sole survivor of a horrific train crash. Dunn walks away without a mark on him, and soon meets Elijah Price (Samuel L Jackson), a man with incredibly brittle bones. Price thinks Dunn’s survival is tied to extraordinary abilities, and this soon proves likely. Dunn showcases incredible strength and durability, and notes he’s never once taken ill or broken a  bone in his life. He later finds that when he touches a person, he can see their misdeeds. With Price’s encouragement, Dunn dons a rain poncho and goes out at night to be the best hero he can be. Unfortunately, when he shakes Price’s hand, he sees that he has been responsible for countless disasters and lost lives over the years, in his search for “the unbreakable man.” Price, who dubs himself “Mr. Glass,” envisions himself as Dunn’s nemesis, being his exact opposite. Dunn walks away from Price disillusioned, and leaves him to be locked away in an asylum.

Then for about 15 years Shyamalan made subpar movies with horrendous twists. In 2016, Split was released. The film finds Casey Cooke (Anya Taylor-Joy) and two other girls kidnapped by a disturbed man, Kevin (James McAvoy). Inside Kevin’s mind are 23 distinct personalities. Three of them have taken control of Kevin’s body, and are conspiring to usher in the arrival of a 24th personality, The Beast. The Beast has superhuman strength and agility, and feasts on the flesh of “impure” humans. Casey manages to escape The Beast’s rampage, due to her history of abuse and trauma, which causes The Beast to see her as damaged, marking her as “pure.” After Kevin/The Beast escapes, his killings are reported by the media, who’ve dubbed him “The Horde.” David Dunn watches the coverage in a local diner.

Watch the trailer for the final film in the trilogy, Glass, here:

One big thing of interest is the fact both Dunn and Kevin are seen locked away along with Price. Whether this is early in the film, or after some major confrontations is yet to be seen. But we do see Dunn fighting The Horde multiple times, and Price is also seen free from the asylum in at least one instance. The film being titled Glass brings focus to Elijah Price obviously, and it’s assumed he will have deeper connections to both Dunn and Kevin than previously thought. Casey also returns, visiting Kevin in the asylum, perhaps attempting to bring forth one of his more peaceful personalities.

Beyond that, there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding the film. But what remains exciting is the fact that we will finally see the culmination of a completely original superhero cinematic universe. That in itself is a huge accomplishment in a movie world currently dominated by the MCU. Let’s hope Shyamalan can deliver one last masterpiece, and give us the showdown we’ve been waiting for.

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Glass SDCC poster

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